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The Hearts

In Majora's Mask, there are special power-ups scattered all across the world called heart pieces. When you collect four of these pieces, your heart meter increases by one. Some of them will require link to use his weapons or one of his masks to aquire the heart piece. This section tells you where and how to get all 52 heart pieces.

  1. On top of ledge on the Clock in Clock Town. Give the Deku the Moon Tear (found at the observatory), and then use the launcher to reach the heart piece.
  2. nside the inn at night. Take the Land Deed given to you by the Deku at the clock, and go into the inn after midnight one night (use the flower launcher to get on the roof to get in). Go downstairs and give the guy who's hand is sticking out of the toilet the paper.
  3. In North Clock Town on top of the tree. As normal link, jump from small platform to platform and then jump across to the tree.
  4. In West Clock Town, complete the expert sword training by slashing all of the logs with the jumping slash technique.
  5. Complete the dancing couple's mini games in East Clock Town three days in a row.
  6. In the Deku Palace. Follow the left maze and avoid the guards to find a heart piece.
  7. In Woodfall on in a chest out in the open.
  8. Get another Moon Tear and give it to the Deku salesman in clock town again. Take the land deed to the Southern Swamp and give it to the Deku in front of the first shack. Then use the launcher to get the heart piece.
  9. Repeat the steps for the last heart piece, and then take the green land deed to the Deku in front of the Goron town.
  10. Take a picture of the Deku king with the camera and then give it to the man in the first shack in the swamp.
  11. Dance with the Rosa Sisters by using the Kamaro Mask.
  12. Kill the Like Like at the bottom of the waterfall pool in Great Bay as Zora Link.
  13. Kill the second Axe Knight (found during the 2nd night in the graveyard cavern).
  14. After you thaw out the mountain, swim under the lake (as Zora Link) near the bridges that lead to Goron Town to find a chest with the heart piece.
  15. Complete the East Clock Town Maze game as the Goron.
  16. As you are infiltrating the Pirate Fortress, you will see it in a cell. Use Goron Link to smash some barrels to find a switch, then put on the Bunny Hood to run down to the heart before the door closes again.
  17. Use your Bunny Hood and complete the postman's training exercise on the afternoon of the first or second day.
  18. Shoot the colored skulls in the 2nd Spider dungeon in this order: Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Yellow.
  19. Get the All Night Mask, listen to the Old Lady's 2-hour story in the inn, and answer the (easy) question correctly.
  20. Climb the tree guarded by bats near the entrance to the Southern Swamp.
  21. Wear the Keaton Mask at the bushes that run away from you (like the ones in North Clock Town or Milk Road), and answer the Keaton's questions.
  22. Go near the entrance to Milk Road and find a patch of tall grass to the right of it. Look for some butterflies hovering over the grass to drop into a hidden hole. Defeat the Pea Hat inside for the heart piece.
  23. Blow up the rock near the entrance to Great Bay, and drop down in the hole. Shoot the beehives, then dive underwater as Zora Link to get the heart piece.
  24. Drop down into a hole near the entrance to the Mountain Village and defeat the two Dondongos.
  25. Re-unite the seahorses in Great Bay Coast.
  26. Re-unite the frogs.
  27. In Termia Field, there are many holes in the ground. At the North, West, East, and South parts of the map there are holes that lead you to a room with four of the strange marker stones (the West hole is under a boulder). Drop down in each hole as Deku, Goron, or Zora Link and play their respective songs that opened their respective dungeons.
  28. In Snowhead pass, use the Lens of Truth to see some platforms. Hop across them, then play the song that you taught the Scarecrow, and then use the hookshot to reach the heart piece.
  29. Wear the All Night Mask to listen to the second story at the inn, and answer the question wrongly for the heart piece.
  30. Use the telescope to watch the Deku Salesman hide in a hole near the observatory. Then go inside and haggle with him to buy a heart piece for 100 rupees.
  31. Open a mailbox once you have the Postman's Hat for a heart piece.
  32. In North Clock Town, complete the Deku Playground mini-game three days in a row.
  33. Get a perfect score in the East Clock Town shooting gallery.
  34. Get a perfect score in the Southern Swam shooting gallery.
  35. Get a score of 20 or better in the Boat Cruise Shooting Game (after you complete Woodfall Temple).
  36. In Zora cape, use the hookshot to get to the second level in Zora Hall and go into Mikau's room. Read the song ideas in the diary, and then go to the Bassist's room. Finally go to the bandleader and play the songs.
  37. After you get the bottle from the beavers, race both of them again and beat a time of 1:50.
  38. Get the Mountain Title deed from the Deku in Clock Town, and give it to the one in the Great Bay.
  39. Use the Mask of Truth to win the Dog Race in Romani Ranch.
  40. After the Great Bay Temple is cleared, you can find this one by scoring 20 points in the fisherman's mini-game.
  41. Kill all four of the Ghosts in the Ikana Canyon Ghost Hut in less than 3 minutes.
  42. Once you have the Light Arrow and 16 Heart Pieces total, you can access the secret shrine in the Canyon (it's behind a waterfall). Defeat the mini-bosses for the heart piece.
  43. Feed the big fish in the Great Bay lab five smaller fish.
  44. Give the Ocean Title Deed to the Deku in Ikana Canyon as Zora Link.
  45. On day 2, you can get it through the Ikana Graveyard side-quest.
  46. On a ledge that you access from the roof of Ikana Castle.
  47. Wear the Couple's Mask in front of the Mayor.
  48. When your Bank Account hits 5,000 Rupees, the Banker will give you a Heart Piece.
  49. Found in the Odolwa Child's dungeon.
  50. Located in the Ghot Child's dungeon.
  51. Found in the Gyorg Child's dungeon.
  52. Found in the Twinmold Child's dungeon.